“Ballot” Rasheed Kidwai’s book is a must a read.

The Kidwai's Ballot is all about the history of the world's largest democracy, it's glory and the astounding events in the political atmosphere the political leaders had played.

The Opinion | Ballot by Rasheed Kidwai
The Opinion | Ballot by Rasheed Kidwai

The time when you are asked for your nationality, the period when the question is about your conscience from the land you belong to, the unrest part of the ongoing political history of the country is pursuing a high-rise political turmoil in the nation. Then the beauty of democracy comes to the frame, where is the constitution? Where are my rights, says, do’s and don’ts,? Where are the staunchest supporters of people first? This is not so much new and unknown to the political structure and people of the country from 2014-2018.

The political history of the political parties in India had never been respectful and distinguished towards the rule of law and the ethos of the constitution of India. The Ballot from Rasheed kidwai is one of the most befitting narratives to the shaking implementation of the rule of law during elections, the country has witnessed. Kidwai’s researched and balanced words have fetched the ten episodes that have shaped India’s democracy, he did justice with each reference and the events mentioned in his book. 

The Kidwai’s Ballot is all about the history of the world’s largest democracy, it’s glory and the astounding events in the political atmosphere the political leaders had played.

Democracy always questions the public reasoning to strengthen the quality of the citizens, which helps them to choose the best deserving candidates for their answers to the question of the reasoning, why does one vote for the particular person?.

 We talk of democracy, we celebrate our franchise, we are proud of our political history and it’s standings to fulfil the needs of the common people. But do we understand the importance of active participation as citizens of a country in a democracy?. Do our political leaders come up to their promises or do their promises make them the demagogues? 

The Kidwai’s Ballot answers above questions from the rich political history in his Ballot, it reminds the readers that democracy always stands for each citizen of the country, irrespective of castes, creeds, colours, religion and regions. India has been the space of political chaos since the time of its pre and post-independence, history was never calm to its origin and it results, it had encountered with religious bellicose, selfishness needs, political opportunism etc.

A political awakening is the first duty of a citizen in a democracy, where discussions and arguments are critically important for democracy and public reasoning. The Ballot is the detailed analysis of the practice of democracy, it will take you from the sheer top to the zenith part of the formation of the political structure of the nation, where democracy is always a challenge on accounts of rationality and reasoning?.


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