About us

The theopinion.co.in is a debating and discourse, analysis, opinion and knowledge venture, launched in August 2019 by a group of enthusiastic youths from the different universities of the nation. It is sharply focused on debate and discourse, politics and policy, government and governance, campus talks to campus politics, literature to culture and the books to beyond. We as a team have a most energetic and enthusiastic approach to build the new way of the art of reading and writing on the internet, with an utmost belief to let not a single voice gets throttled.

The opinion is where we build a discourse. We at the opinion have utmost belief in establishing the spirit of the founding principles of democracy that is celebrating dissents. We are young and we are paving the new world of writing and reading on the internet.

We celebrate stories from the grassroots of the nation that comprises a plethora of topics. We have a say everywhere in life and we believe to take this up on the internet. Let the story define the space of healthy communication.

From news to politics, opinions to Foreign affairs, books to culture and literature to beyond the unlimited path to describe your story, we got you covered. The challenge is, one should know the art of telling the story, the rest is your space on the opinion.

The Opinion celebrates the art of writing, the festival of democracy with a belief to know the stories from the grassroots of the country.

If you are looking to get your voice recognised, the Opinion awaits for your words.

You got a word to share with us write to us at reply@theopinion.co.in (Dont send articles here)

You got a piece ready and wanted to get in touch with our editorial desk. we are here, write to us at editor@theopinion.co.in