Amidst Covid19 Depression, A Father’s Lessons To A Son.

I was still on the first page of the book that I was reading, without enquiring into my schedule that I had to finish the book by this weekend.


” We all have our choices and then we face the consequences in life, Nothing comes or nothing is done without the choice you take up in Life”  I was tight-lipped just to acknowledge that did he take up the meaning of the words completely or he was still diving deep into his eyes to get what an ordinary listener couldn’t?

I rather chose to be silent and trigger myself to get engaged in the engross discussion.

He picked up my other book, which was just kept beside my note copy, leafing over the pages, he threw a question at me, do we even see our life synchronizing with all we read? I was not inquiring about the question but his inquisitiveness to ask the same, we both were pinned at the spreading silence between the distance of his eyes and mine,

” Yes! I see a pattern of synchronization with all I read and re-read them, You know we all attach ourselves with reasons in life and that’s all, it is all that takes you through, Not all life you live on a landscape given to you by nature, we live some of them on the pages, not all the dreams you can dream, till you go through some of the highest promising pages that push you to ponder beyond the capacity you hold” I replied in very discerning touch.

He seemed to be more engaged with the book than my words, I offered him the answer for the question he had for me, his silence and the language of his eyes concerned me about the origin of his curiosity and letting me learn the same from him. While I was just reckoning between all those he said and I got to receive from him, he seems to be enquiring for yet another piece of tranquillity, the one which we all strive hard to achieve, the inner soul perspective of our happiness.

” It was all-time easy to coin words and then you make them your principles, later you go with them ahead, far ahead in life, cherishing out with it as it gives you meanings to address daily to yourself. It is when you are to be rewarded with all what you have done, but it is that moment when you shall start to be critical of the choices you make in life. We get all the things we aspired when we promised to leave no stone unturned to achieve that. But all the things in the universe comes with its terms and conditions, Some of them, we could read and some of them we couldn’t, it’s just because it’s their test if you could read them you master the life of being passionate, enthusiastic and calming towards yourself and others, and when you couldn’t, your done and dusted by the wreath of its ugliest face, it fetches havoc and it ruins you, especially the dreams we hold so close to us” he just replied while leafing over the next page of the book, it made me feel, was it all a copycat from the book he is holding.

” We talked in the beginning, didn’t we? That we are all stories about our choices and consequences of all in life ” he was perplexed, he thought I might have not got the literal meaning of the last remarked sentence.

I  was still on the first page of the book that I was reading, without enquiring into my schedule that  I had to finish the book by this weekend, but who have learned to deny discussions which have words of your dreams and the puzzles of life, would you have denied it?

 He stood up from the chair, took the book on his hand, I was just studying his gesture for the moment he was with me, deep down the silence between their discussions, we shared the anonymity of letting the words go deep in the literal sense.

The person with the book, standing beside me, as the evening was setting down with its intoxicating beauty, the Sun leading the spectacular main role, sending out a message, We all set one day but before we do, we make sure we reach our full potential to live our dreams. In the process of picturing the image of him, I got triggered with a question, how have you thought that you are interested in the choices you have taken in life and all the choices you took was in the name of good decisions? I asked him in a quest to accommodate more space for the dreams in my life.

He listened to me carefully, with patient ears, like he was teaching me how effective the art of listening is then speaking to one on table talk. The question took him to think for a minute or two before he would open up his wisdom. “How about judging time? Have you ever judged them? Time has always taught us the art of doing the impossible with the choices you make while taking the decision, the time that tell us how we react, but it comes with a condition, it tells those, who are awakened for the price of wasting time, it tells them, How to get out of your comfort zone before you make a dent on the surface to mark your win ” Coming closer, slowly keeping the book down on my table, The political theory by Andrew Heywood, read the book cover, he smiled at me, for the reason he knew better

 And amidst this, we got to hear a summoning voice, My Mom gave a call, ” Abdus Samad, send your dad for a cup of tea downstairs and if you also like to have one come down, it’s not Aligarh Dhaba where your hours will go in vain for the price of taking a cup of tea, it just takes 5 mints hardly to sip out”

He left my room before he could say anything more to our engross lessons of lives, I hope he gave me everything to ponder in life, the rhythm of his voice conveyed something straight to me, he doesn’t want me to miss, the life he lived with the indomitable will amidst the perils ahead.


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