Are we failing to get inspiration from national events?

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No doubt, our freedom fighters, political thinkers and activists in the past had struggled hard to transform British India into the Republic of India and to attain this freedom for their country, people and for the forthcoming generations. But, looking at the scenario today and comparing it with what we had learned at schools, one thing is sure, it wasn’t this freedom what they had strived for and what the country is celebrating today. The Idea of India that is being propagated today has witnessed huge deformation in itself all these years since it’s formation.

This write up is not just in context with the fascist BJP regime. This regime is just the harvest of what we had sowed from the last 7 decades in the name of politics, secularism and justice.

It was yesterday we had observed the 40th anniversary of Moradabad massacre,1980, which led to the calculated cold-blooded massacre of Muslims by Police and PAC 400+ died as per officials, but independent data states that by the December 1980 the figure rose to 2000+ and the irony is that it was Congress government in the centre as well as in U.P. when this massacre happened. Justice MP Saxena commission was appointed to probe into the matter but the report was never tabled at the U.P. assembly and no prosecutions were held.

Whether we talk of Bhagalpur riots, 1989, 1992 Babri Masjid demolition or Nellie massacre, 1983 it was Congress in the centre that led it to happen every time under its nose. In 10 years of the UPA regime, the Sachar committee report was ignored. There are numerous such examples where Congress let Muslims down.

This was just what had been sowed in the past, the hatred, the differences, communalism but what we are reaping today is way more dangerous.

The Preamble of any nation acts as a guidance and mirror for the nation’s policy and is based on the idea of that nation, the idea is the dream of those who fought for their nation, and when any regime overlooks the preamble indirectly it fails those heroes of the past, who had a dream for their people and ultimately the total concept of striving for independence is failed and the independence is let down.

Independence of India meant equality to its people, freedom of expression, Justice for their citizens, liberty, freedom of thoughts, freedom of religion and most importantly no forced nationalism.

Today, when India is observing it’s 74th independence day, the question that arises is, do those values of independence are being held by the current regime? the answer is a clear no, because when Dr Kafeel Khan was held as accused of serving his patients to save the lives of children and later on.

He was held as accused of protesting against the government and was slammed with NSA here those values of independence failed, when Safoora Zargar a pregnant woman was acquitted for protesting against CAA and was slammed with UAPA those values of independence failed, when those uncountable students who are witch-hunted by the Police for protesting against CAA are put behind the bars, when police brutally attack University students in the campus, when demolition of Babri masjid is shown as an act of valiance and courage when justice is denied to the victims of Delhi Pogrom and the victims of mob violence, instead victims are flashed as accused and when Supreme Court holds Mr Prashant Bhushan guilty for criticising Chief Justice of India, indirectly stating that CJI and SC can’t be criticised those values of independence failed. These are just some of the cases where justice was a mockery and democracy suffered to the hands of fascism, the list is way too long.

Although Congress and the left parties can believe in their sweet dreams and scream that nation is suffering, the ultimate truth is, the Muslim community is the prime sufferer of the current fascist regime. The nation is built with its people and when the people suffer the nation suffers. In the same way, since the Muslim community is suffering the nation is suffering. If a room at your home is on fire, you cannot relax in another room.

The way forward.

Therefore, more than a celebration, this Independence day must be a resolution for the citizens. A resolution to strive for justice, to reclaim democracy, to reclaim our freedom that beholds values of our freedom fighters, to reclaim the independence that was the dream of protagonists of 1947.

This time, the responsibility lies more with the Muslim community, since they are the victims of vote-bank politics for last 7 decades and lies with all the minorities who were the victim of vote bank politics, they will have to stand for themselves and strive to claim their position in the society, utilizing education and support within the community and especially should focus on educating the girls instead of marrying them at an early age because as per Times of India, “Literacy rate for Muslim women is lower than the women of any other religious group” and most importantly they are not just a part of the society, they fulfil the society.

(views expressed are strictly personal of the author)


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