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Why are Uighur Muslims new forced labour for china?

“Each woman only gets two minutes to use the toilet... If you are not quick enough they electrocute you with an Electric...
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Domestic Violence,A Selective Approach Of Civil Society

This theory basically gained shape out of black feminism which eventually led to the advancement of drawing attention towards different invisibilities that exist in feminism. It propels us to take care of various parts of intensity that not every person encounters. Now, this is one way to cause us to notice what has been eradicated from our accounts, what we have to unlearn, what we have to challenge. All the more critically, it encourages us to notice the different manners by which force is supported and constrained to such a specific position/class/race/sexual orientation in the public eye and how oppression consequently works and function.
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During COVID-19 Pandemic, Muslims sacrificed much more than ‘an animal’ this Eid

So, in the mood of festivity, we are at a higher risk of making a gathering and littering the roads, which at any cost must be avoided, keeping in mind the past five months of trouble humankind has been put through. A little addition of sanity to the festive mood would do better for this time and every other time to come. Colleges, restaurants, factories, shops and even big industries are locked under the fear of the novel Coronavirus. Millions of people all over the world have lost their jobs, lost their homes, lost their mind, lost their patience and a lot more things to be stated.
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You Should Be Reading Arundhati Roy’s Essay, Find Why?

Roy’s essay completely unmasks the government needs of power may it be any country in the world. There are no countries in the world, where people wanted war and massacre of their life. They only want peace and harmony with a subject to the development and progress of the nation, but not at the cost of innocent deaths and massacring of innocent women and children’s lives. she in her essay writes
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Why do Young Generations need To Read Sir Syed?

Sir Syed was a pioneer of modern education for the Muslim community in India by founding the Muhammedan Anglo-Oriental College, which later developed into the Aligarh Muslim University. His works gave rise to a new generation of Muslim intellectuals and politicians who composed the Aligarh movement to secure the political future of the Muslims in India. Born into Mughal nobility, Sir Syed earned a reputation as a distinguished scholar while working as a jurist for the British East India Company
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The celebration of EID and a name Muslim in new India

He wakes up and puts on a sherwani. The topi sits heavily, constricting. Going to a Starbucks, saying Rauf not Abdul. Going to Delhi on the national highway. Getting rear-ended by an Omni, full of young men. Calling his mother, finishing with Walekum as salaam wa rahmatullah. Talking to the Omni driver. Asking him to apologize. Demanding money for repairs
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India and the remaking of its democracy.

Democracy proffer a contrivance for the ruled to keep a check on the rulers and to dissent in an informed and reasoned manner. The people in power have always been callous vis-a-vis without conceding that the other Indian's entitlements are being violated and the violated has often been bludgeoned into passivity. What ails Indian democracy is that the passive does not choose to show dissent more often and when they do, like the students of various universities, the outcome is even more tragic than the tragedy that set off the unrest, to begin with; to wit the regions that had chronicle that state is the first agent of violence since December 15, 2019, to present date.