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You have a dream! You must read the Alchemist

Living life and chasing a dream itself has a conquering power to tremble this world asking them to believe that if anything on this planet exists more than life is the power of a human to dream to achieve the impossible.
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“Ballot” Rasheed Kidwai’s book is a must a read.

We talk of democracy, we celebrate our franchise, we are proud of our political history and it's standings to fulfil the needs of the common people. But do we understand the importance of active participation as citizens of a country in a democracy?. Do our political leaders come up to their promises or do their promises make them the demagogues?
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Book: Nationalism by Rabindranath Tagore: An overwhelming charisma.

The west in course of time recognised the importance of nature and human natural laws, which let them introduced the concept of feelings in their respective hearts and among their societies, the feeling of love and honour towards their great nation, which possibly brought the sprinkle of " Nationalism of West" in existence.
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The celebration of EID and a name Muslim in new India

He wakes up and puts on a sherwani. The topi sits heavily, constricting. Going to a Starbucks, saying Rauf not Abdul. Going to Delhi on the national highway. Getting rear-ended by an Omni, full of young men. Calling his mother, finishing with Walekum as salaam wa rahmatullah. Talking to the Omni driver. Asking him to apologize. Demanding money for repairs
The Last Bhangi The opinion

The last bhangi, a Social Construction.

They had hardly gone for five minutes when a man from Thakur sahib’s kothi called out to his father: ‘Oye, Shambu! Come, the master has called. The pipe needs your attention’. Chandan heard no more, for his father took Thakur sahib’s employee to one side and talked in low tones. Chandan heard snatches, his father protesting ‘It’s Diwali… Son…. Firecrackers…’ and the employee insisting ‘Malik… Guests… Two hundred’, and his father walked up to him, looking defeated and placed his hand tenderly on his shoulder, and said: ‘Go home. I’ll come in late tonight. Tell your mother. Don’t cry, we’ll go tomorrow’. Chandan stood, his lower lip quivering while his father followed Thakur sahib’s servant. Chandan went home, threw himself on his mat, and cried, hiding his face under the pillow, and fell asleep.
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Why the book “Sophie’s World ” will make you fall in love with Philosophy?

The most beautiful explanation is about, who is the Philosopher? - 'A Philosopher is one who never gets used to the world. To him or her, the world continues to seem a bit unreasonable -bewildering, even enigmatic. Philosophers and small children thus have an important faculty in common'. This is the most lucid definition of a philosopher. The book then goes on to discuss ideas of various Pre-Socratic or natural philosophers like Democritus who gave Theory of Atoms that assumed that "everything was built up of tiny invisible blocks, each of which was eternal and immutable " Democritus called these smallest units Atoms. Then there is a short glimpse of life as in Athens during Socrates, Plato and Aristotle's times.
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My guest at Amu canteen, Malcolm X

Standing here in the timeless city of education let me remind you that Muslims in India are devoid of respect and recognition, in the name of living they are merely existing. Our people are still drenched in the colonial mentality, you are psychological colonies of your masters because you've forgotten your true master, your lord. You're suffering today all form of colonisation, exploitation, oppression, degradation, humiliation, discrimination, extermination and every other kind of action. In the name of freedom, justice, democracy and all cool-sounding terms our brothers are treated like worms. Our objective and purpose from now on is to fight whoever gets in our way......
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CHARAS: A joint effect on a University Student.

Adeel tried successive attempts but couldn’t qualify the entrance. The white apron on Ismat’s shoulders hadn’t brought a shred of arrogance in her attitude and demeanour. She used to cry like an infant whenever they would meet. Adeel had told her everything, every bit of it and the psychological dependency. He had his shortcomings but Ismat still admired him in bits and pieces. Every time Ismat came to see him, she desperately announced her bitterness filled with dismay and he would promise, not ever again. They liked and admired each other as the lovers had done for eternity.