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CHARAS: A joint effect on a University Student.

Adeel tried successive attempts but couldn’t qualify the entrance. The white apron on Ismat’s shoulders hadn’t brought a shred of arrogance in her attitude and demeanour. She used to cry like an infant whenever they would meet. Adeel had told her everything, every bit of it and the psychological dependency. He had his shortcomings but Ismat still admired him in bits and pieces. Every time Ismat came to see him, she desperately announced her bitterness filled with dismay and he would promise, not ever again. They liked and admired each other as the lovers had done for eternity.
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You have a dream! You must read the Alchemist

Living life and chasing a dream itself has a conquering power to tremble this world asking them to believe that if anything on this planet exists more than life is the power of a human to dream to achieve the impossible.

The story of a bibliophile and her Scotty key.

Books! Is that what you are talking about? Is that what you said to me yesterday,...