How to crack the AMU LLB Entrance Examination?


About The Exam:

Aligarh Muslim University’s BALLB Entrance exam is a yearly entrance exam for admission in its Faculty of Law. The duration of the BALLB course in AMU is 10 Semesters or 5 years. Aligarh Muslim University provides this course in 2 of its centres apart from the main campus. One centre is in Mallapuram, Kerela and the other is in Murshidabad, West Bengal. 

In AMU’s main campus the intake is 120 seats for the BALLB course while 60 seats each intake is given to its two centres. Therefore, AMU has 240 seats available for the BALLB course. 

The Eligibility Requirement: Senior Secondary School Certificate or an equivalent examination with aggregate not less than 50% of the total marks OR Bridge Course-Senior Secondary School Certificate from AMU with 50% marks in aggregate and the candidate must not be more than 22 years as on 01st July in the year of admission.

My Strategy:

Since being in an Indian middle-class family, I always wished to become a doctor, cracking BALLB was a tough job I should say. The reason being my lack of interest and no one to guide through the process.

But you know it turns out that it was not that tough as I thought it would be, things get easy when you start doing them and commit to it.

In January 2018, I decided to do law. Trust me when I chose law as a career I had no clue about it. Every entrance exam is both easy and tough in its way. Since I was a dropper, the situation for me was nothing but, ‘do or die’. I will tell you the mantra I believed that time was, “if it is tough for me then it is tough for everyone” so if they can clear the exam, why can’t I? 

I had not only limited myself to AMU Law but had enrolled myself for various Law entrances in India such as CLAT, AILET, etc. I started preparing for CLAT which I must say helped me a lot to prepare for AMU law. 

Since the entrance exam was very close and I was left with no time at all, I decided to organize my studies even more. Firstly, I took a thorough look at the entire syllabus for a better understanding of the exam and it’s a pattern then divided them into sections according to my strengths and weaknesses and then proceeded with a study plan. During the first few months, I studied sections that I am not good at and left the subjects that I believed were my strengths to last. 

I referred to the CLAT complete guide by McGraw hill publications and also solved 10 years of CLAT and AILET. You can solve AMU 10 years of previous papers as well. Solving papers is a must before you step into any exam. Regular evaluation will help you keep track of your progress. You can get to know your weaknesses and can work accordingly. I made a habit of reading the newspaper daily to keep myself updated on current affairs and as for General Knowledge, I referred to the GK book by Arihant Publications, as the Current affairs and General knowledge are extremely important for the AMU law entrance exam

Selection Process:

AMU BALLB selection is through the Entrance Exam in which there shall be one paper of 100 marks consisting of 100 objective type questions on: 

i) Proficiency in the English language: 40 marks

ii) Current Affairs/General Knowledge (with emphasis on legal issues): 40 marks 

iii) Reasoning and Aptitude: 20 marks

The Admission Test shall be held at Aligarh (U.P.), Kolkata (W.B.) & Kozhikode (Kerala). You can choose the centre choice during when you file the entrance exam application form available and fillable online at 

Tips to Crack the Exam:

1) As people say the First attempt is your best attempt. You will be new, thrilled, excited with full of energy, and hungry to face the challenges. So use this energy to the fullest, don’t limit yourself to anything, read almost everything that feels important. In short read like hell.

2) One important thing in this preparation is to always keep you motivated and high. We should not have a lean patch in our preparation wherein we won’t be reading for 15 days, we should be able to pull ourself back in 2–3 days

3) The most important is, you should not just study hard but also study smart. For instance, since the majority of the questions are objective, you can make short notes on the subject you are studying instead of making detailed notes. 

4) solve the umpteen number of questions

5)Be calm, be focused

6) Don’t let a bad mock exam demoralize you. 

7) Do not take law entrance for granted. Every year the competition is rising tremendously 

8) Start your prep as early as possible to gain an early bird advantage

9) Keep your study sources, GK sources, and handouts as diversified as you can

10) Don’t get intimidated by what others at the coaching centre are doing. What matters is your performance on the day of the exam and the effort behind it.

So, as you can see, whatever the time you invest in, will pay you back some time or the other. But lastly, I want to say you that Luck plays a crucial role in your selection, so don’t be too hard on yourself. If you clear its good, if not you always have the second attempt. However, in the end, it proved otherwise. So, The Key to clear this exam is hard work and patience.

Good Luck.


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