Submission Guidelines

What we’re looking for The Opinion.

• Personal essays
• Articles on Foreign Affairs/policies
• Long Reads ( should be engaging)
• Opinion on Topics of national discourse, Politics, issues, etc
• Movie/ TV-show/ music reviews
• Poetry
• Art and visual work
• Music or satirical videos or audio/podcasts
• Pieces on political or current events – ideally from a personal angle
• Campus issues – student protests, curfews and strikes, quality of education, housing issues, accessibility issues, etc.
• Discussions on mental health
• Socio-economic and cultural issues encountered by the youth (climate change, jobs, education, discrimination, policy, law and order – anything and everything as long as you can tell us why it matters to you!)

Writing guide:

Please send us your pieces on a word file or google doc. Please keep the font size 14 and space doubled.

• THERE IS NO DEADLINE – you can send pitches/articles/poems throughout the year
• Article length: ideally between 500-1200 words
• Include a 2-3 sentence description of your piece
• Write it as you’d say it. Short sentences are always better than long rambles
• The thesaurus isn’t your friend, but the dictionary is
• Pics or it didn’t happen (JK, but try sending credited images with captions)
• We’re not an academic journal. But if your article is engaging and cognitive towards upholding public reasoning and critical thinking, we will go for it.
• Do not submit pieces you’ve submitted elsewhere. Please keep this in mind

What makes a good argument?

‘ It is better to feel the word before writing one”

• Don’t just describe something; tell us what you’re thinking and feeling – why the topic matters and relates to you personally
• The Socratic method is your friend; make sure your arguments follow logically. Just because it makes sense in your head, doesn’t mean everyone else will get it too
• Address at least one counterpoint to the argument you’re making – it’ll make your piece more impactful and engaging
• If you’re making assertions, back them up with evidence and links (we need those receipts!)

Note: After you have sent us your article, you need to hold tight further. The rest our editorial team will take care of everything. The opinion takes a minimum of 6 days to reply to your message for the confirmation regarding publishing the piece on the opinion Website. This is due to the increasing number of submission on the opinion website. Our editorial team shall write to you on or before 6 days of your mail sent to us with the file attached for the piece to get published.

The opinion is here to establish the discourse, let’s build one.

Great you have read and you might have found yourself somewhere, Now the ideas are inviting your fingers to type or your pen to write down.

Send us your Piece.