The story of a bibliophile and her Scotty key.



Is that what you are talking about?

Is that what you said to me yesterday, love has the deepest amount of attraction and that you got it from the books?

Rani replied to Ashok with a smile which Ashok only understood, shimmering happiness appeared on her face.

I have always found myself empty without a mere concern towards my interest, you know life is always at your doorstep, same as your beauty glittering in your face, I have always wondered, how do people ignore those life-changing pages and the works of masterpiece from those phenomenal writers, they always struggled to give their best to the readers.

 Said Ashok to Rani flipping the pages of the book he had with him” The Monk who sold his Ferrari” read the cover of the book

Are you not boring enough, if I take you through the path of my interest and food for thoughts, said Ashok to her, with a belief to let her ponder within?

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Ahh pretty good, you shouldn’t question the process of one’s when they choose their area of interest but you should ponder, what made him/her choose that specific one, Do you believe that understanding a human is far better than cognition of the choice of books he prefers to put in his reading list?

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Ashok while picking a piece of paper from the ground said to Rani and she was imagining the beauty of the evening passing by,

hopefully, I was in conversation with you,

oh, I am sorry you are the soul who wanders in the beautiful sentences of the book, and I am with the beauties which have existed in my imagination, they attract me much as the books attract you. The question is something worthy to answer, it’s not about the human in my case which is to be understood, my case is with his soul, which gives me all the answers, to which the society is afraid to give a say.

“Doesn’t that make sense?” said Rani, as she has drawn a spectacular portrait of the society and seeing the same Ashok, has to answer her she whispered within herself.

Overwhelming, do you remember the anecdote, from where did we kick-start our conversation “love has the deepest amount of attraction and that you get from the books” this is where we started, and I brought you to the frame finally. We talk, we think, we grow, and at the end we need changes and it has always been to the mutual understandings, books are the real source of change, the answers to the question your soul has always sought and not your mind, you are recycled each time you read the same book to the new horizon of prosperity and creativity, every last page of the book leaves you with a hunger to read the next awaited book in your reading list. The more you read the more you understand the soul of a person, and then the more you crave for ……?

Sorry, what crave for? Rani in an astounding tone to Ashok

Indeed books, ha-ha…… Ashok laughed

This is what happens when you talk to a bibliophile, you never know your beginning topic of conversation was about the books and you again end up falling in love with the books, not the person, Rani said to Ashok with an inspiration.

There is always a chasm about the story we hold with ourselves, especially those stories, that pictures our life and our struggles, from where we build a way forward to a destination that inspires us to go ahead, despite knowing and submitting that the way ahead is flaming with hard-hitting challenges and full of vicissitudes that will require the whole of us, we discover our upgraded versions every time we get to read a new book…

Said Ashok, while he believed that Rani would ask for book recommendations, next

Rani left Ashok with a wink and took her Scotty keys out from her bag and marched towards the parking, and Ashok left for his favourite place, of course, the “LIBRARY”.


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